Body Transformations


One of the driving forces behind seeking out the services of a Personal Trainer is the desire to change your appearance. For some this simply means dropping a few pounds so that they can give their self esteem a good boost. For others it means turning flab to slab and ditching the fat for solid muscle.

Whatever the reason behind your desire for change the one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to affect those changes.

How much can I change?

Anyone can change as much or as little as their body allows. This is different for everybody. What you need to keep in mind is that in the majority of cases there is room to grow and change as you want. The best example that can be given for this is an easy one. Simon McEvoy has spent more than ten years of his adult life striving to improve himself and build up his physique to a higher level. Even so he was able to enact some drastic changes in his physique in a short space of time.

On the right you will see two images. The first was taken towards the end of May 2014. The second was taken mid July 2014. After just seven weeks he was able to change in a truly stunning manner. This was down to a combination of a daily excercise routine and a controlled diet that still allowed him to have an enjoyable cheat meal every so often.

Whats the catch?

The only catch is the requirement that you see it through. This can be helped by breaking the entire process down into simple sections where we set some basic goals to work toward. After all its all well and good to say you want to drop 20KG in weight but when faced with the long period of time it would normally take to see these kinds of results people get impatient and disheartened. Setting smaller goals that work toward the end goal goes a long way to helping you stay motivated.

Of course once you have the motivation you need to get the know-how. Not only does Simon have over a decades worth of experience to share he has already underwent many iterations of the diets that can be set for you based on many factors such as age, gender, health issues etc. You can know in full confidence that you will not be asked to do something that he has not done himself.