Strength and Conditioning


What does Strength and Conditioning actually refer to?

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance. At least that is how it is officially described. Of course it is not solely limited to athletes but can refer to the level of advanced training offered to anyone looking to improve physically.

When it comes to athletes or clients who have very high expectations of their bodies in regards to training and performance the key is a mix of power and endurance. One without the other can be fine in certain circumstances of course and each has a specific way in which it is built.

I have succeeded in helping sports teams from different footballers to fighters and everything in between to achieve fitness standards they and their managers never thought was possible. I have also been able to help individuals who thought they had reached a peak or had plateaued at fitness.

As long as you come with an open mind to training and are prepared to put in maximum effort I can promise you that you will reach a new standard of performance.

Why would I need an S&C coach?

If you are an athlete looking to push themselves to the next level then by all means you need help and guidance that will allow you to surpass your current limitations. A Strength and Conditioning coach can assess any shortcomings you may have and create a workout plan that can help to alleviate those issues.

Similarly if you are not an athlete but just want to improve your physical appearance or strength level or indeed endurance past a certain point then a strength and conditioning coach could prove invaluable in attaining your goals.

Won’t a Strength and Conditioning coach just set a workout? How is that better than a regular PT?

Your average Strength and Conditioning coach will do far more than set a simple workout. A good Personal Trainer will set a decent workout and ensure you have good form while doing the excercises but an S&C coach goes beyond this. A Strength and Conditioning coach will be able to assess your fitness and strength level on a far deeper level and identify which parts of your body are lacking in relation to their mirror. For example your triceps may be in good shape but the medial head on one side might seem less defined denoting some form of inequality in the strength levels of your triceps.

Whether you are a footballer, rugby player or tennis player workouts and diet plans et al can be tailored to best improve your performance. If you are a powerlifter or a bodybuilder you too can gain vital insights into your excercise routines and diet that can help change your way of thinking both in and out of the gym.